University of California, Riverside

Materials Science and Engineering

Fixed Fee-For-Service (FFS) Facilities


Current Members of Fixed FFS facilities

(last updated Fall 2017)

Suveen Mathaudhu Cengiz Ozkan David Kisailus Kawai Tam
Jing Shi Huinan Liu Joshua Lui Shane Cybart
Yongtao Cui Nathaniel Gabor Reza Abbaschian Peng Wei
 Ming Lee Tang      

Becoming a member of Fixed FFS facilities

  1. Send the facilities manager, Perry Cheung (, an email indicating interest or request a tour
  2. Upon confirmation of membership, an email with a FAU acknowledgement will be sent to the PI from Christina Gnuschke to be charged a flat-rate of $400 per academic year

Access for new students or to new instruments

  1. Complete the following 3 training modules via UC Learning
    1. Laboratory Safety Orientation (Fundamentals) 2013
    2. Hazardous Waste Management
    3. Compressed Gas Safety
    4. X-Ray Safety (for MSE 309 only)
  2. Review the MSE 150 250 309 Policies and Regulations
  3. Fill out the MSE 150 250 309 Authorization Form with PI signature
  4. Deliver a printed copy of your training transcript and signed Authorization Form to facilities manager (MSE 311)
  5. Access to any facility computer requires your ENGR login and password
  6. For non ENGR users, you will need to send the facilities manager an email with your UCR NetID first, who will then forward a request to Systems.
  7. Wait for an email from Systems, then proceed to create an ENGR account via their webpage.  If you have issues, send an email to Systems ( or visit them (Bourns Hall A344/308).
  8. Send the facilities manager, Perry Cheung (, an email indicating interest in specific instruments

  9. Upon completion of training, an account will be created to access our Faces scheduling system (Group: ucr_mse_ffs) for reserving instrument time
  10. Submit key request form for MSE 150, 250, and 309 to facilities manager if requesting a key

FT-IR: ThermoFisher Scientific Nicolet iS10


MSE 250

Sample Holder

KBr Pellet Holder: handles 13 mm diameter pellets and thin films

Spectral Range

7800 - 350 cm-1 optimized, mid-infrared KBr beamsplitter

Wavelength Precision

Better than 0.01 cm-1 at 2000 cm-1

Spectral Resolution

Better than 0.4 cm-1, non-apodized

Collection Speed

Variable from 0.16 cm/s to 2.5 cm/s


10,000:1 peak to peak in five seconds

35,000:1 peak to peak in one minute

Useful Documentation

Coming soon...

Raman: ThermoFisher DXR SmartRaman


MSE 250

Smart Accessory

180-degree Accessory

Sample Holders

Capillary Tube Holder

Film Holder

Solids Holder

Pellet Holder

Bulk Liquid Holder

Spectral Range and Resolution


780 nm (high brightness)

780 nm (high power)

Full-Range Grating

Spectral Resolution

5.0 cm-1 FWHM

5.0 cm-1 FWHM

Upper cutoff (cm-1)

3300 cm-1

3300 cm-1

Lower cutoff (cm-1), 50% maximum transmitted power

50 cm-1

50 cm-1

High-Resolution Grating

Spectral Resolution

3.0 cm-1 FWHM

3.0 cm-1 FWHM

Upper cutoff (cm-1)

1800 cm-1

1800 cm-1

Lower cutoff (cm-1), 50% maximum transmitted power

50 cm-1

50 cm-1

Useful Documentation

UCR MSE Raman Training Notebook rev 1

Nikon Eclipse LV 100D-U Microscope


MSE 250


Episcopic (EPI)

Diascopic (DIA)

Microscopy Methods

EPI: Brightfield

EPI: Darkfield

EPI: Simplified Polarization

EPI: Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)

DIA: Brightfield


10x, 20x, 50x, 100x


Canon Rebel T5 EOS DSLR


Canon EOS Utility

Useful Documentation

UCR MSE Nikon Training Notebook rev 2.1

Nikon LV-100D-U Manual

Scale Bar Images Zip

Grinder/Polisher: Allied MetPrep 3 with Power Head


MSE 150

Programmable Steps (max 25)

Platen Speed

Comp/contra Rotation

Cycle Time

Fluid Selection

Sample Force

Sample Rotation Speed

Water Rinse

Force Reduction

Consumables Provided

Silicon Carbide Paper 8" (180, 320, 600, 1200 Grit)

Diamond Suspension (3, 1, 0.5, 0.05 microns)

White Label Cloth 8" (for 3 and 1 microns)

Final A Cloth 8" (for 0.5 and 0.05 microns)

Useful Documentation

Met Prep 3 Manual

Low Speed Saw: TechCut 4


MSE 150


High Concentration Diamond (Metal Bond) - 6"


10 - 500 RPM (10 PRM increments)

Weights (sample loading)

0 - 300 grams


Single Saddle Clamp

Useful Documentation

TechCut 4 Manual

Instron 5969 Dual Column Testing System