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Materials Science and Engineering




MSE 309


2-Hour Training: $50

1-Hour Follow-up: $25

Regular Usage: $25/hour

Electron Gun

Tungsten heated cathode, 200 V - 30 kV


High Vacuum Mode: < 9 x 10-3 Pa


High Vacuum Mode (SE): 3 nm at 30 kV, 8 nm at 3 kV


Secondary Electron

Analytical System

Bruker LN2-free high-resolution, high-speed 30 mm2 SD Detector

Energy resolution ≤ 129 eV at Mn-Kα

Slew window, detection from boron (5) to californium (98)

Analysis Software

ESPRIT Compact Software (free download)

    1. Choose to install the Data Station (with dongle) option
    2. Ignore the error code
    3. Open the program, and click "System", and "Update"
    4. Download, and select the following License File
    5. Restart the program

ESPRIT 2.1 (in MSE 309 only)



Standard: 3-axis motorized

X = 45 mm - motorized, Y = 45 mm - motorized, Z = 27 mm manual

Rotation = 360° continuous - motorized, Tilt = -90° to +90° - manual


3x - 1,000,000x (for 5" image width in Continual Wide Field/Resolution)

Working Modes

Resolution, Depth, Field, Wide Field

Useful Documentation

UCR MSE SEM Training Notebook rev. 3.5 (last updated March 8, 2018)


ESPRIT Compact Manual

SEM Training Videos

0. Introduction I. Initiate Software II. Sample Preparation
III. Sample Loading IV. Turning on HV V. Mode
VI. Beam Intensity VII. Brightness and Contrast VIII. Mag
IX. Focusing X. Speed XI. Working Distance
XII. Image Preparation XIII. Column Centering XIV. Stigmation Correction
XV. Image Acquisition XVI. Saving XVII. Sample Unloading
XVIII. Cleanup    

EDS Training Videos

ESPRIT Compact Part 1: Overview and Multi-point ESPRIT Compact Part 2: ID
ESPRIT Compact Part 3: HyperMap ESPRIT Compact Part 4: Line Scans



  1. Have your PI send the facilities manager, Perry Cheung (, an email indicating approval for your training

  2. Complete the following 4 training modules via UC Learning

    1. Laboratory Safety Orientation (Fundamentals) 2013
    2. Hazardous Waste Management
    3. X-Ray Safety
    4. Compressed Gas Safety
  3. Review the SEM Policies and Regulations
  4. Review the MSE 150 250 309 Policies and Regulations
  5. Fill out the SEM FAU Authorization Form  with PI signature

  6. Fill out the MSE 150 250 309 Authorization Form with PI signature and your departmental MSO or FAO
  7. Deliver a printed copy of your training transcript and signed FAU and authorization forms to facilities manager (MSE 311)

  8. You will receive an email in a few days with your username and temporary password to reserve time on our Faces scheduling system (Group: ucr_sem)

  9. Check available 2 hour blocks on Faces and arrange a time with the facilities manager for training

  10. Reserve a 2 hour block on Faces (1 hour block on Faces for follow-up exam)

  11. Review the Training Videos (see above) prior to the training (and prior to follow-up exam)
  12. Meet outside lab manager’s office (MSE 311) on agreed training day and time.

  13. Once training is completed, you will complete key request access form and submit to facilities manager.

  14. For undergraduate users without card access to the 3rd floor of MSE, you will request room access to MSE-SEM by submitting a request to Systems.  For non ENGR users, you will need to visit Systems (Bourns Hall A344/308), create an account, and request a proximity card first.

More Information 

General Campus Information

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