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Materials Science and Engineering


XRD: PANalytical Empyrean Series 2


MSE 0051B


2-Hour Training: $50

Regular Usage: $25/hour

Stage Accessory

Reflection/Transmission Spinner

Types of Samples

Powder                                  Thin Films

Nanomaterials                    Solid Objects


Phase ID                              Quantification                         

2θ Range

0° to 168°

2θ Linearity

Equal or better than ± 0.01°

User-provided Consumables

Modeling Clay for Irregular Sample Holder:

Storehouse Description: SARGENT ART 22-4096 1LB MODELING CLAY,WHITE (Stock #: 48702-108)

Silicon Zero-Background Plate for Membrane and Irregular Sample Holder (for powders and thin films):

MTI Corp: Zero Diffraction Platea 32 mm Dia. x 2.0 mm t, Si Crystal for XRD sample ($150)

Silicon Zero-Background Plate for Irregular Sample Holder (useful for powders):

MTI Corp: Zero Diffraction Plate with Cavity for XRD sample: 32 Dia x 2.0 t mm with Cavity 10 ID x 0.2 mm, Si Crystal ($199)

Warning:  X-ray beam shall be 5 mm dia or less (current installed beam mask is 10 mm) and hit in the center of sample when you use cavity zero diffraction plate! Otherwise the edge may result in a peak.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Useful Documentation


UCR MSE XRD Training Notebook rev. 3.6 (last updated July 10, 2017)

MIT HighScore Guide




  1. Have your PI send the facilities manager, Perry Cheung (, an email indicating approval for your training

  2. Complete the following 4 training modules via UC Learning

    1. Laboratory Safety Orientation (Fundamentals) 2013
    2. Hazardous Waste Management
    3. X-Ray Safety
    4. Compressed Gas Safety
  3. Review the XRD Policies and Regulations
  4. Fill out the XRD FAU Authorization Form with PI signature and your departmental MSO or FAO

  5. Deliver a printed copy of your training transcript and signed FAU form to facilities manager (MSE 311)

  6. You will receive an email in a few days with your username and temporary password to reserve time on our Faces scheduling system (Group: ucr_xrd)

  7. Check available 2 hour blocks on Faces and arrange a time with the facilities manager for training

  8. Reserve a 2 hour block on Faces for the "XRD" resource

  9. Meet outside lab manager’s office (MSE 311) on agreed training day and time.  Bring 2 pairs of gloves and any samples + holders you wish to test.

  10. Once training is completed, you will request room access to MSE-XRD by submitting a request to Systems.  For non ENGR users, you will need to visit Systems (Bourns Hall A344/308), create an account, and request a proximity card first.

More Information 

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