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Program Description

Program Description and Degree Requirements

The Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Program offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The university requirements for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering are given in the Graduate Studies section of the UCR General Catalog.

Core Courses:

MSE 200 Materials Science and Engineering- Introduces to graduate studies in materials science and engineering. Provides overview of the areas of the specialization of the academic program as well as research opportunities and facilities at UCR. Covers fundamental methods of the discipline. Summarizes areas of employment of graduates in materials science andengineering. Graded S or NC.

MSE 20x series: Foundations of Materials

MSE 201 Thermodynamic Foundations of Materials- Covers the laws of thermodynamics, fundamental equation for multicomponent elastic solids and electromagnetic media, equilibrium criteria. Application to solution thermodynamics, point defects in solids, phase diagrams. Phase transitions, interfaces, nucleation theory, elastic effects. Kinetics: diffusion of heat, mass and charge; coupled flows.

MSE 204 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics-Cross-listed with PHYS212A Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

MSE 205 Advanced Physical Chemistry Thermodynamics- Cross-listed with CHEM 201D. Advanced Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics

MSE 207 Applied Quantum Mechanics- Cross-listed with EE 201 Applied Quantum Mechanics

MSE 208 Mechanics and Physics of Materials- Cross-listed with ME 266 Mechanics and Physics of Materials

MSE 209 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics-Cross-listed with CEE 206 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

MSE 21x series: Materials Structure

MSE 210 Crystal Structure and Bonding- Covers regular, irregular arrays of points, spheres; lattices, direct, reciprocal; crystallographic point and space groups; atomic structure; bonding in molecules; bonding in solids; ionic Pauling rules, covalent, metallic bonding; structure of elements, compounds, minerals, polymers.

MSE 214 Condensed Matter Physics- Cross-listed with Phys240A Condensed Matter Physics

MSE 217 Fundamentals of Semiconductors and Nanostructures- Cross-listed with EE 202 Fundamentals of Semiconductors and Nanostructures

MSE 218 Imperfections in Solids- Cross-listed with ME 278 Imperfections in Solids

MSE 22x series: Materials Characterization and Simulation

MSE 220 Materials Characterization Techniques- Covers basic principles of techniques used in the characterization of engineering materials by electron microscopy, diffraction, and spectroscopy; provides analysis of defects responsible for materials properties. Modern electrical, optical and particle beam techniques for the material characterization. Examples include Hall Effect and Raman spectroscopy.

MSE 225A Physical Organic Chemistry- Cross-listed with CHEM 216A. Physical Organic Chemistry

MSE 225B Chemical Spectroscopy- Cross-listed CHEM 221B. Advanced Analytical Chemistry: Optical Spectroscopy

MSE 225C Introduction to Computational Quantum Chemistry- Cross-listed with CHEM 206A. Introduction to Computational Quantum Chemistry

MSE 226A Fluorescence Methods in Biology and Chemistry- Cross-listed with BIEN 245: Fluorescence Methods in Biology and Chemistry

MSE 226B Integration of Computational and Experimental Biology- Cross-listed with CEE 249 Integration of Computational and Experimental Biology

MSE 227 Nanoscale Characterization Techniques- Cross listing of EE 206 Nanoscale Characterization Techniques

MSE 23x series: Functional Materials

MSE 234A Physics of Nanoscale Systems- Cross-listed with Phys 234 Physics of Nanoscale Systems

MSE 234B Spintronics and Nanoscale Magnetism-  Cross-listed with Phys 235 Spintronics and Nanoscale Magnetism

MSE 237A Applied Ferromagnetism- Cross-listed with EE 220 Applied Ferromagnetism

MSE 237B Nanoscale Phonon Engineering- Cross-listed with EE 216 Nanoscale Phonon Engineering

MSE 237C Solid-State Device- Cross-listed with EE 203 Solid-State Device

MSE 238 Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems- Cross-listed with ME 270 Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems

MSE 24x series: Materials Synthesis and Processing

MSE 245A Advanced Organic Reactions- Cross-listed with CHEM 210: Advanced Organic Reactions

MSE 245B Structure and Bonding in Inorganic Chemistry- Cross-listed with CHEM 231A: Structure and Bonding in Inorganic Chemistry

MSE 245C Nanoscience and Nanotechnology- Cross-listed with CHEM 203. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

MSE 245D Semiconductor Processing- Cross-listed with CHEM 208/Phys 202. Interdisciplinary Overview of Current Issues in Semiconductor Processing

MSE 246 Cellular and Molecular Engineering- Cross-listed with BIEN 224: Cellular and Molecular Engineering

MSE 248 Nanoscale Science and Engineering- Cross-listing of ME 272 Nanoscale Science and Engineering

MSE 249 Advanced Kinetics and Reaction Engineering- Cross-listed with CEE 204 Advanced Kinetics and Reaction

MSE 25x series: Colloquia and Seminars

MSE 250 and MSE 251 Colloquium in Materials Science and Engineering- Lectures on current research topics in materials science and engineering presented by faculty members and visiting scientists.




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